Superior Supervision

The key to success in any project is how the job is run. Bricar has developed a convincing system of supervision that holds each and every person on the site accountable. All Bricar job sites are kept exceptionally clean to provide a safe and organized workplace for all involved. Bricar ensures that jobs are operated in a controlled manner that makes the process more efficient for the trades-people, landlords, owners and clients. Lines of command are established right at the start, to avoid confusion and error. Problem solving, team organization, clear communication, cleanliness, and unflinching responsibility ... these are just some of the things that make Bricar the ultimate force in site supervision.

On Schedule

Bricar is well known for its expertise in projects that demand high end product on a fast track schedule, such as office fit-outs and retail interiors. Even larger projects involving long construction phases, however, require meticulous organization and management in order to get the job done. We pride ourselves on being able to establish realistic construction schedules… and being able to stick to them. No matter what industry you’re in, time means money, and Bricar knows how to create a team that can make the difference.

On Budget

Bricar takes the guesswork out of construction costing by helping clients establish a workable budget right from the start. After years in the construction industry in every type of trade, the professionals associated with the Bricar name are able to advise clients on the size of budgets required for a specific type of work. Although we tend to focus on projects that demand a high level of detail and finishing, we are experts at helping clients with even the most limited budget. At Bricar, we believe that careful planning and appropriate product selection can make any project successful.

The Designers Choice

One critical difference between Bricar and the typical contractor is the level of design appreciation. In many instances, designers and builders approach a project from opposite ends of the spectrum, and often the aesthetics suffer. Bricar’s knowledge of design and pride of workmanship ensures that our projects are done within time, budget, and design constraints. Bricar has proven to be a valuable ally to designers because we are able to recommend alternative methods or materials that not only improve the aesthetic appeal, but also lower the cost.

The Follow Up

After a project is completed, many clients never see the contractor again. At Bricar, we take the post-project phase just as seriously as the rest of the construction schedule. We want to ensure that our clients are truly satisfied with the job and this means continuous follow-up. We position ourselves in a roll of ultimate responsibility, before, during and after a project is built.